• Call for 2017-18 Research Project Proposals

    The ACTFL Research Priorities Project supports empirical research on six priority areas that are currently critical to improving foreign language education. Proposals can initiate a new research study, support/expand a study under way, or explore an emerging research area that is connected to one or more Research Priority areas. The research grants are funded by ACTFL. 

    The five priority areas are:

    Integration of Language, Culture, and Content
    Foreign Language Teacher Development
    Classroom Discourse
    High-Performing Language Programs
    Language Use in the Community
    Preference will be given to proposals that focus on the cognitive developments of language learning.

    The deadline for proposals is June 1 at 5 pm.

  • Get Involved! Volunteer With ACTFL

    Calling All ACTFL Members: Get Involved! In the upcoming weeks, we will be listing available volunteer opportunities here on the ACTFL Community. In the meantime, we encourage you to login to the Community and edit your “Volunteer Profile” and opt-in to the Volunteer Pool. Both can be found under the “Volunteer” tab in the main menu bar. We look forward to sharing the volunteer opportunities once they are available, and appreciate your continued support of ACTFL and world languages.

  • ACTFL Sponsored Workshops

    Five ACTFL-sponsored workshops have been scheduled at four convenient locations around the country. Registration is open for all workshops listed. Registration is processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a section has filled, any additional interested registrants will be waitlisted for a spot opening. All workshop sections must also meet minimum registration requirements to be confirmed, and ACTFL reserves to right to cancel a section if minimum registration is not met.

    ACTFL members may register at discounted rates and will need to provide the ACTFL Membership ID to qualify for discounted rates. To retrieve membership information or for issues with your registration, contact ACTFL’s Membership Department at: or (703) 894-2900. To sign up for/renew ACTFL membership, contact our membership department or visit For additional information about the workshops, please contact

  • Special Focus Topics Submission: Empowering Learners

    The August/September 2017 "The Language Educator" magazine is currently seeking responses to the following question:

    Empowering Learners

    Motivation is a key component in learning. What does “learner-centered instruction” really look like? Technology and real-life applications support motivation and can develop learner autonomy. Learner engagement takes many forms—in and beyond classrooms, with and within other cultures. How do educators empower learners to take responsibility for and build interest in their language learning? How do you help your students become autonomous learners?

    Article submissions due Monday, May 1, 2017

  • 2017 Language Scholarships

    Language course scholarships are now accepting applications for 5 different languages (Arabic, Chinese (mandarin), French, Italian, and Spanish). You must be a current ACTFL member to apply. Applicants may submit applications for multiple scholarships. Applications must be submitted by March 31st. Late applications and applications from non-members will not be accepted. We hope you consider applying for these great opportunities to improve your language skills!

  • 2017 Convention Call for Proposals

    Be a part of the experience! Now it’s time to get serious about taking your idea and turning it into a convention proposal. Submit a proposal to be considered to present at the 2017 ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in Nashville, Tennessee, November 17-19. With the ACTFL Convention featuring more than 800 sessions covering a wide variety of topics at all levels and languages, the Convention Committee is seeking sessions that help language educators be better able to develop their students’ critical-thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. Share your brilliant idea that will give attendees that “wow” experience and send them back to their schools with many takeaways!

  • Non-ACTFL Events, Products, and Services Update

    In order to help organize the Community a little better, we have created an "Educator Resources" Community. All non-ACTFL events and services must be posted in this Community. Examples include (but are not limited to): call for proposals/submissions, conference information, publications, educational programs, and continuing education opportunities. Please note, job postings will still not be allowed and must be posted on Job Central. Posts of an overtly commercial nature are not allowed on the Community, please contact our Exhibits Manager for information about advertising.

    Posts that promote a non-ACTFL event or service will be deleted and moved to the Educator Resources Community. This will allow for these posts to remain in one central location so that users can go back and find posts more easily.

  • Scheduled Community Maintenance

    Our Community will be undergoing an infrastructure upgrade starting Friday, December 16th at 10 pm ET through Saturday, December 17th - the Community may be down and inaccessible periodically during this period. We thank you for your patience!

  • Call for Proposals: ACTFL Research Priorities

    The purpose of the ACTFL Research Priorities initiative is to support empirical research on six priority areas that are currently critical to improving language education. Proposals can initiate a new research study, support/expand a study under way, or explore an emerging research area that is connected to one or more Research Priority areas. Recipients are expected to develop a publication for a peer-reviewed journal and grant ACTFL first refusal for submission for publication to Foreign Language Annals. The research grants are funded by ACTFL. Below each priority area is a list of sample research topics; research studies need not be limited to these topics.

  • Feedback Request: Can-Do Statements for Intercultural Communication

    An ACTFL task force has completed a tool with Can-Do Statements for Intercultural Communication. Its purpose is to support the integration of the Communication and Cultures standards in teaching and learning.

    Before this tool is published, we would like your feedback. The tool is composed of an introduction followed by sample Can-Do Statements, an introduction to reflection, and sample reflection scenarios. Since this tool will not be published until feedback is received, do not save or share the pages of this tool.

    Please complete the questionnaire by Friday, September, 30 2016 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. You may click on the 'Save Draft' button to save your comments return to this questionnaire at a later time.